Terms of hire

Bloomenhire Limited’s terms of hire

Booking confirmation

With Bloomenhire Limited you’ll get an obligation-free quote that will be valid for seven days. After seven days, prices may be subject to change.

Securing your booking

For orders under $1000, a $150 deposit must be paid within seven days of receiving the service agreement. A 25% deposit is required for orders over $1000. Deposits are non-refundable. For orders over $2000, a further 25% payment must be made three months before your event. All payments made towards a booking are non-refundable.

Changes to bookings

Changes to confirmed orders are free of charge and can occur at any time up to three months before your event. You must confirm the final quantities of items required 21 days before your event. No reductions can be made after this time. Any changes within 10 days of the events will incur a $25 admin charge per amendment.


Items removed from your booking less than three months prior to your event can’t be exchanged for different items. Deposits towards cancelled items will be forfeited.

Client responsibility

It is the client’s responsibility to check that all details of the service agreement are correct. The order will be fulfilled based on the service agreement. Measurements such as roof height are the responsibility of the client to provide.

Unforeseen circumstances

If hired products unexpectedly become unavailable (damage from other events, etc.), we will offer clients suitable alternatives or refund the client for the item that is no longer available. We aren’t responsible for any incurred costs to the client due to unforeseen product unavailability.

Custom builds and production costs

If you need equipment to be specially produced for your event, we reserve the right to collect partial or full payment for the equipment being produced before production starts. We will state the cost in writing when you book. Custom builds need a minimum of eight weeks’ notice before the event date.

Final payment

The final invoice will be amended, issued, and confirmed by both parties based on this final number. Final payment is due 21 days prior to the event. If the event is cancelled within 21 days of the event date, no money will be refunded. If cancellation occurs prior to 21 days before the event, only the deposit will be lost.


Council permits for the use of any chosen locations are the responsibility of the client. Bloomenhire Limited aren’t responsible for clients not adhering to council restrictions.

Delivery, pick up, and labour surcharges

Where it’s difficult to access the event location a $200 surcharge (or more) will apply. This applies to anywhere that a trolley can’t be used to reach the ceremony/reception site, where there are stairs or sand, or the distance is greater than 100m from vehicle access. This fee is applied wherever Bloomenhire Limited sees fit to do so.

If the location is outside Auckland a travel fee may apply. Bloomenhire Limited can provide the client with a quote if requested.           

If delivery or collection is to take place on a public holiday, a surcharge will be charged.

Normal delivery hours are considered to be 8am to 7pm. Anything outside of these hours will be considered after-hours and a delivery or collection fee will be charged.

Should the agreed collection time be exceeded by 15 minutes (either by event duration or venue access times) the client is responsible for a surcharge of $80 per staff member, per hour it is exceeded.

Loss or damages

The client agrees to the costs of any breakages, damages, or missing equipment that occur while it’s in their use/care. The client may request from Bloomenhire Limited a breakdown of replacement costs for all hired products before hiring.

Decorations and equipment are not to be moved by people/staff other than Bloomenhire Limited staff, unless notified and agreed to by management prior.

Children are not permitted to climb on the trees or pick the leaves or flowers off the trees.

Liability for damage and personal injury

Bloomenhire Limited is not liable for any personal injury or damage that may occur should clients attempt to move items themselves. To the extent permitted by law, Bloomenhire Limited is not liable for any fees associated with damage and personal injury.

Additional charges

Bad weather

In the event of bad weather (rain or wind), Bloomenhire Limited will move to the client’s alternative location within 20kms for free when given at least three hours’ notice prior to the ceremony or event time. Bloomenhire Limited will do their best to accommodate any reasonable requests, but will not be responsible for anything that does not go to plan.

If the client decides to proceed with the ceremony or event in wet weather, Bloomenhire Limited has the right to refuse assembly of equipment where it is deemed detrimental to the condition of the equipment and safety of guests and our staff.

If the wet weather location is difficult to access, a surcharge may apply. If the client chooses to cancel due to wet weather, no money will be refunded. If the client decides to move the location after setup has commenced, a relocation fee of $110 may be charged. Bloomenhire Limited won’t be responsible for any delays in the setup.

Artificial trees, including cherry blossoms, are for indoor use only and are not permitted to be used outdoors (unless discussed with Bloomenhire Limited prior to the event) or moved after installation. If it is agreed that trees can be used outside, they can’t be left out overnight. They are not suitable for windy and wet conditions.

Booking times

It is the client’s responsibility to book enough time for the setup and removal of equipment. Bloomenhire Limited will endeavour to have the setup completed 30 minutes prior to the ceremony or event. If ample time is not allowed for the setup and removal of equipment, Bloomenhire Limited will not be held responsible for anything that doesn’t go to plan.


Any information provided by Bloomenhire Limited, or photos taken of our equipment and services, may not be used by the client or their guests or its other service providers for commercial purposes unless prior written consent is given.

Use of images

The client consents to Bloomenhire Limited staff taking images of the ceremony or event setup only. No images will be taken of your event whilst in progress, or in any intrusive manner. Please let Bloomenhire Limited know in writing if you object to the use of the images for public use.

Exclusions and limitations

Bloomenhire Limited may make certain recommendations to you. Any such recommendation is purely a suggestion; the ultimate decision lies with the client.

Force majeure

Certain events, beyond the reasonable control of Bloomenhire Limited, may inhibit from fulfilling our duties and obligations. Bloomenhire Limited will not be held liable for events beyond our reasonable control in conjunction with force majeure.

In the occurrence of a force majeure event, Bloomenhire Limited is not liable to the client and is released from liability in respect of failure or delay to deliver for any reason.

Credit card details

Credit card details are required to be filled out on the client’s quote/invoice for security bond purposes. These credit card details are kept for security only, should any breakages, damages, or missing items occur as a result of the event. Your credit card will not be charged without notification from Bloomenhire Limited. Bloomenhire Limited can provide replacement costs at client’s request.